Thursday, May 7, 2009

Target Thinking Skills for My Classroom

The thinking skills that need to be targeted in my classroom center around the weaknesses demonstrated most frequently. I also chose the thinking skills that I felt would help my students relate and function successfully in real world situations. For example, many of the students in my class for students with emotional disabilities are very impulsive. Managing this impulsiveness would have a direct positive effect on their classroom experiences. Organizing and analyzing information are also essential skills. Examining meta cognition can serve as a platform to teach decision making skills and responsible risk taking behaviors. Finding humor is also important to my classroom so that students feel that creating and learning can be positive.

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  1. I definately agree with both your posts, and I see a common thread running amongst them. It seems that you are concerned that you prepare students for the real world. I agree that metacognition and self reflection will greatly help, not just your ED students, but all students as well. Bravo that you strive to educate the "whole" child.