Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Unit Plans: Caution...Conflict Ahead!!!!!

I try to incorporate as many social skills as possible into every unit. I would like to impliment a unit plan that would center around the idea of conflict resolution.

Essential Question: How does conflict impact your life?
Unit Questions:
What conflicts have changed the world?

Content Questions: In the novel The Outsiders, what are the major conflicts?


  1. Tara I can see that you're in the midst of changing some things and haven't really had the time yet to get all of your questions written out for this new unit you've decided to do. I'm sure it will be wonderful once you've finished and the essential question: "How does conflict impact your life?" certainly is one in which we can often relate and identify with such as the day I had at school today!

  2. I think this is a great way for students to recognize conflict in the story! They may also be more aware of conflict in their own lives. Analyzing conflict in the novel (from outside point of view) and deciding how to resolve it, could help students solve real life conflict.

  3. Conflicts in novels are a good way to help students understand conflict. From your questions, I think you have reversed your essential and unit questions. I think you want to move from the big(the world) to more narrow(my life). Another essential question around the novel might be "Who is my neighbor?" or "Do my choices matter?"